About us

Desert Daughter
Founded by Mariam Abu Rkeek

Desert Daughter is a unique line of products crafted in the spirit of Bedouin tradition

A collection of secrets for creating purely natural cosmetic and medicinal treatments has been passed to me from one generation to another within my Bedouin family. From a young age, I was attracted to the world of medicinal plants and used to wander in the wide desert to bring all kinds of plants with healing properties back to my grandmother. She taught me how to pick the herbs using an old method that preserved the plant and maintained its reproductive capacity.

As a young adult, I traveled to England to earn my bachelor’s degree. While there, I noticed people’s growing awareness of the importance of natural healing. At the same time, back home, I was seeing my community leaving behind their natural lifestyles and losing their holistic views of the world.

When I returned home, I took up my ancestors’ traditions and combined this with formal learning in medicinal herbs at my local college. Over the next several years, I developed a small business from my household workshop. Since then, I continue to use all my knowledge and experience, not only for self fulfillment, but for the honorable purpose of preserving the environment and maintaining old traditions.

The combination of my family history and the innovations I have developed has led to the natural production process of these ointments and cosmetic products. They are all based on the renowned black cumin oil & Atriplex oil famous for their healing features, as well as other organic desert herbs and natural oils.

Today, I’m proud to offer you this authentic line of Bedouin cosmetics and healing products, crafted through the work and care of myself and my sisters.